Film screening of St Elmo’s Fire and 80’s disco at the Brockley Social Club (4th March 2017)

We had such fun last weekend, watching St Elmo’s Fire and having an 80’s disco afterwards, at this, our first official event as the entity called ‘We Do Good…’ The idea is that the strapline changes according to the event. In this case it was We Do Good 80’s Disco, Film, Badges, and Hair Crimping! The main surprise of the evening was how many of you wanted to come into the ‘Crimping Salon’ to have your hair done. We may have to invest in another set of crimpers!  Also, towards the nether regions of the evening, we found a few of you had snuck back in there to re-do your lovely 80’s make up and touch up your crimps. We will definitely bring this back next time, and with improved lighting!

It was both comical and alarming to find out quite how much our reaction to St Elmo’s Fire had changed in the intervening 30 (!) years since first watching it as teenagers.  I had no idea that every main male character had such appalling behaviour! I think I was just stunned by the beauty of Rob Lowe (which I still managed to enjoy, despite the lines he had to say and the way he treated his female friends).  Big shout out to Sarita, my friend from school who I watched all of the 80’s teen films with first time around: she lives in deepest Kent but she still managed to join in and make it to the party.

Before sharing some photos I just want to say a big thank you to all of you who came.  It’s you who made it so much fun. We will be back with more of the same!  For now, either keep in touch on this blog or at our new Facebook page: We Do Good Disco. We will shortly be popping up at the Telegraph Hill Festival with a silly event combining our two passions of bingo and disco, which will be called (wait for it) Disco Bingo. You can buy tickets for that here.

You can click on any photo to see it better (if you dare) – let me know if you want any photos to be removed.  Thanks to Ruth and Emma for some of the photos.


See you next time!



Bazooka Joe’s at the Brockley Social Club, February 2015

The return of Bazooka Joe’s to the Brockley Social Club came along faster than you can pop a massive bubble of gum.

The party people of Brockley turned up in their glad rags, multi colours and 70s tank tops and joined us for 2 rounds of bingo and an aperitif of cheese and pineapple on sticks, before dancing the night away.

Our impeccably dressed guest DJ, Mr Francis aka Captain Disco, did us proud with some funk and soul on the dance floor, and DJ Mental Floss got the ladies dancing, and even some of the men, with some real disco classics.  The niftiest moves came from the oldest dancers, who everyone else tried (in vain) to copy. Those feet were just moving too fast; the nimble turns were executed so lightly – it was wonderful to see a couple who have plainly spent a lifetime dancing together with such enjoyment.

Nobody recognised Debs ‘the Dealer’, our wonderful bingo caller, once she had put on her (third) wig; in fact a few rumours went about that it was Debbie Harry who had turned up in Brockley in a shiny lurex jumpsuit. Whichever Deborah it was, she dished out some unforgettable prizes, as usual. Top prize tonight was the bumper 1975 edition of the Family Fortunes board game. What a lucky winner. So lucky that she gave the prize back.

Huge thanks go to Angela for the wonderful gigantic hedgehog that she made, absolutely stuffed with cheese, pineapple and grapes, and with licorice for eyes.  It’s thirsty work doing disco dancing, and this fruity mocktail went down very well indeed. I went back for more, to find just the polystyrene carcass winking sadly up at me with a few remaining wonky sticks.

It was such fun, being transported back to that old era when most of us were kids.

We are off on our European tour next, stopping off at Bordeaux don’t you know, and you are all invited. A new city starting with B, a new Guest DJ on the horizon who I know will get you all dancing comme des fous.  But if you can’t make it to la belle France, you will join us, next time we pop back to Brockley, n’est-ce pas?

You can click on any of them to see them better.

Apart from a few taken by me, photo credits and big snappy thanks go to Jay Alix, with selfies by Shermin Arkut/Ruth Spencer and Laura Kinnunen/Gerald Francis. As ever, if you have any good photos from the night, please send them my way!

See you next time!

Bazooka Joe’s first outing at the Brockley Social Club (October 2014) – photos

We have just announced our second coming (on the 7th February).

For some of you that may mean nothing.

So please find some photographs from our first coming, in October of last year. I was remiss and didn’t post them at the time.  It was a mild autumnal day and evening and we had a lovely time dressing up the social club and then dressing up ourselves. You’ll see more of the former than the latter in the photos (due to darkness) but that’s probably a good thing as we looked very silly. Well I looked alright but you should have seen my Northern cohort and bingo-caller in her many guises and hair pieces!

A little bundle of you conga-ed in, all at around ten to nine, we played bingo for some brilliant prizes, and then we disco danced the night away to some classic 70’s tunes.

Bazooka Joe’s returns to the Brockley Social Club on 7th February 2015.
240 Brockley Road

All welcome, so do please join us!
8 till late, just 3 pound coins on the door, no need for advance ticket or RSVP or queue round the block. Feel free to dress up, 70’s gear or otherwise, but feel no obligation.Bazooka Joe flyer 2 Feb 2015