Who, why or what is the Dino Collective?

We are founder members Hatty and Dafe and a changing group of guests and friends, all based in South East London.

Music is our common passion – the thing we all lean on and celebrate to.

Our taste does sometimes overlap but not always.

I would say the word eclectic.

I don’t feel guilty for anything.

We play music we like and it is usually good.

You won’t have to like every song but you might do.

You might not know every song but we are not trying to show off by playing to an esoteric handful.

We prefer vinyl, but we do digital too.

Still want to know what we play?  We play genres from funk to hip hop and stop off at dance, disco, pop, Latin, rock and indie along the way.

God!  So much music and so little time!  Words do not do music justice.

I think you just need to find the stuff that works for you and turn it up to the required volume.

Make life easy for yourself, get yourself to a Dino Collective gig soon.

We put on events due to demand so clamour if you need one in your life now.

If you have any private party requirements or still want to know more, you can comment here or (even better) subscribe to the blog to keep abreast of our news.

If you prefer you can like our Facebook page and contact us there.

In turn we will tell you whatever you need to know about how our music can help your parties and give you good times.

I’m a mathematician at heart*, so just learn the formula:

Dino Collective + your party = good times

Welcome to the blog.

*I’m not