Hallowe’en party: The Lost Boys film screening and 80’s disco, at The Brookmill (28th October 2017)

We Do Good celebrated Hallowe’en this year at The Brookmill pub, Deptford, with a dress-up Lost Boys film screening and afterwards a poptastic 80’s disco. What fun we had, watching the great film from 30 years ago (scarier than I remembered) and some of our audience members went the full hog in ‘gory cheerleader’ costume, and even as David from the film. Quite scary! There was quite a lot of fake blood left behind after us – and we didn’t get told off by the Brookmill staff, so thank you to them. Thank you to all of you who came and enjoyed with great gusto. It was lovely to make some new friends as well as to hang out with some old ones.

Here are some photos. Please send me more if you have any!

See you at our Christmas party on 9th December!